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The Key to Real Change is found in our Founders’ Great Awakening.

In my European life I dreamed of becoming an American. I admired this Country’s individual strength, freedom, and courage, which was in sharp contrast with the Italian nanny state I was so used to. I loved America even more once … Continue reading

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God’s Country? Mystery priest prays and performs miracle at crash scene in Missouri, then disappears.

This story has been reported by several news organizations. This one was written by the New York Daily News by Joe Kemp on Thursday, August 8, 2013, 9:12 AM at –, @joekemp May this story being a reminder to Whom we … Continue reading

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2013 The Year of Courage

This article was first published on Exotic Wildlife, Winter issue. All rights reserved. This article is dedicated to the late Lewis Timberlake, my beloved Sunday School teacher and motivational speaker, visiting lecturer, and management consultant for many of this nation’s largest … Continue reading

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