Warning To America

This video was first uploaded by Patriot Action Network.

This lady does not only make sense, she is saying the truth and what you hear is only the surface. Coming from Europe, from a Socialist country very close to the communist block, I know it very well.

Our president is using propaganda very similar to the socialist countries and the USSR’s. Class warfare, the nanny-state vision, national health care, half-truths and lack of promised transparency are all but a few symptoms.

And talking about the USSR, Elke has not even touched the tortures, arrests, and homicides. They would come in the middle of the night and take entire families away, either to the Gulag (USSR concentration camps. Just because the Allies did not liberate and expose those, does not mean that they were any better than the German’s) or they would kill half a village just because …

And the sad story is that many buy into the communist dream, which supposedly helps the poor (poor, middle class, and wealthy intellectuals be aware: they will enslave you even more), thinking “oh but that happened only in the USSR; we are different.”

The philosophy is the same, the methods are the same, the consequences are the same.

Socialism and communism are the same thing with one difference. Communism is the extreme of socialism where all private property is confiscated, including your home, and all becomes the government’s and the collective’s. So you are going to have two more unknown families coming to live in your home of three bedrooms (or maybe even of two). Socialism allows you private property, but it is so regulated and limited that you can do nothing with it, least of all enjoy it. The same with businesses. Socialism’s official color is pink; communist color is red.

My father worked for a period of time behind the iron curtain. People needed a passport to go to another section of their town. If they came back after a certain hour in the evening, they had to call the housekeeper to enter the building where they lived and sign in at what time they came back and where they have been with whom and why. This happened in Budapest in the late 1960s (I was about 3 years old). My father saw these people, with whom he met on business, going through that routine over and over again. And I have other stories …

Would you like to know how fast we are going down the socialist road? Last weekend in Chicago 49 people have been shot. The media have a story about that. Few weeks ago an African American boy has been killed by an Hispanic in Florida: in no time groups are organized and hundreds walk in NYC!! And their signs?? Capitalism = Racism! A socialist country starts like that. Our America, under the current philosophy, is going down that path, and the propaganda and journalistic coverage of news is becoming more similar to those of socialistic and communist countries.

Here is a quote from the great Tocqueville in his Democracy in America, published in the mid 1840s. He defines the “new servitude” (Talking about the new socialist movement)

“the will of man is not shattered, but softened bent and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from activity. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses … and stupefies a people, until each nation is reduced to be nothing better than a flock of timid and industrial animals, of which government is the shepherd.”

Isn’t were we are directed?

And Elke is right about God. If you pay attention to our Judean-Christian values, the Judean-Christian God cares about individual responsibility, individual character, individual talents, and unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for each individual (you never hear about the “collective” or “social justice”). This is not a cliche, it is the truth. Our founders said that our Republic would function only with virtuous people, and they tied morality, honesty, and Judean-Christian religion together. And America and education started falling apart when our religion has been banned from schools … If  years ago they told me that by taking our religion away from school would have caused a degradation in the morals of a people I would have thought it exaggerated … not anymore!

Socialists and communists hate God and His values. Their are atheists at best, or they worship the tyranny of a powerful government at worst.

I am sorry to write so much … this video really brought me back to my youth and I always take for granted that people know first hand these things. But  here people have been blessed with such a wonderful Country, history, and Founders … it is hard to visualize socialism in practical terms. This Country is so marvelous that people take it for granted and trust it, and think that different philosophies must be trustworthy as well, although different. The do not see the danger. It is time that we all discover or rediscover the terrifying truth of socialism, communism, and I would dare say, Sharia Law.


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