Do We Really Want to Be Like Them? A Biblical Advice from Samuel

After the historical election of 2008, Newsweek Magazine congratulated the “new” United States of America with a title “We Are All Socialists Now.” And since then the new leaders of this great Country of ours have done their very best to take us down to the European levels. And, unfortunately, they are somewhat successful. I come from Europe, and Europe is not to be imitated, but, rather, to be alienated.

In most of the European countries, as we watch on TV, people and leaders engage in class warfare, in which they have been specializing since the times of the USSR which promoted and sponsored it like drug cartels sponsor drugs and Al Qaeda sponsors terrorism.


What is less known, perhaps, is the decadent state of the European countries in other aspects besides the economy. If some public infrastructure breaks, it is not repaired. It is left to fend by itself. Take Genoa, for example. No one ever bothered to clean up or make a plan and maintain nature to prevent floods, and twice in recent history people needlessly die and homes are destroyed because of flash floods. When finally someone fixes anything … that someone just pretends to fix it, and is paid having done nothing.


In Europe, where leaders brag about the nanny-governments taking care of the citizens, municipalities let people building homes on the slopes of active volcanoes for a bribe fee, to then “crack down” on the abusers by making them paying fines, and do nothing about it until disaster comes.


Citizens of the same nanny-state are forced time and time again to see the streets and plaza of their towns reduced to landfills as the self interest, the political wars, and incompetence of their leaders cannot solve the trash problems, like it happens in Naples and surrounding cities.


The European Union is proud of the free circulations of goods and people … together with the free circulations of criminals and illegal immigrants that come to deal drugs and prostitution.


The one thing that European countries can do very well, however, is to have decrees on how long pickles must be in order to be sold …


Together with the economic crisis and the violent protests of socialistic countries, is this what we want our future to be?


Europe fails because its leaders and its population are materialistic. Effective leadership and success cannot exist without spiritual character; neither can they exist without first allow individuals to take personal responsibility and be free to utilize their own individual talents.


George Washington and our Founders knew very well where their strength came from. It came from God, through their prayers, and their individual contributions. How did the miracle on the Delaware happen? And the miracle on the York River, when a hurricane arose suddenly to blow the British boats directly back to the Yorktown river bank ,making even Lord Cornwallis opine that God looked to be on General Washington’s side? By coincidence? Not a chance!


Our times remind me of the first book of Samuel, chapter 8: “The Israelis wanted a king like the other nations.” The Lord said they wanted a king because they rejected Him, but He warned them through Samuel. He said: “The king will draft your sons to be his charioteers … and some will run in front of his chariots … some will be forced to plow in his fields … the king will take your daughters and force them to cook and bake for him … he will take the best of your fields … and give them to his own officials … He will take a tenth (don’t you wish) of your grain … and give it to his officers and servants … he will take your male and female servants, and your finest cattle and your donkeys and put them to work … he will demand a tenth of your flocks and you will be his slaves …”


Wasn’t the Lord talking about the king spreading the wealth, taking private property from his citizens and … giving to his government officials and his servants and to use it and redistribute it as he please?


This is what happens when we replace God with government, and we want to be like other materialistic nations … This is what happens when we follow idols rather than God and His commandments, principles, and values.


We value freedom, but freedom is not doing what we want; it is doing what is right. Unless we do what is right, we will allow the sun on George Washington’s chair in the above drawing to be a setting sun instead of a rising sun, like commentator James rightly points out in the “About” page of this blog.


We know what message we hear in our churches … what message do we hear in our homes? And schools? And work place? And social events?


We never know when we influence the next prophet, or the next George Washington.


In 1776, individual citizens took seriously their individual responsibilities to build with the Divine Providence the greatest Country ever existed … Today, we individual citizens can take our own responsibility to save and restore this Country with the help of Divine Providence, again. Let’s inspire the new leaders.


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Rancher, Patriot, private property rights and personal responsibility activist
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