You Can Help Stopping The White House Rural Council

Please find here a petition to Speaker Boehner to stop the President’s Executive Order # 13575 on the Rural Council, part of the Agenda 21.

The petition comes from the American Policy Center, a private grass root non-profit organization whose mission, according to their website, is the promotion and education of free enterprise and limited government.

You can find out more about American Policy Center at and about the petition below at

To know more about Agenda 21 and to know where to find more information, please see post Agenda 21 on Aug. 8, 2011 on this blog. Thank You!



To: Speaker of the House John Boehner

The Obama Administration has issued an Executive Order that creates massive top-down control of our nation’s rural areas.

It will create a massive bureaucracy overseen by 25 Cabinet Secretaries who will be joined by a hoard of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) self-proclaimed “stakeholders,” and other special interest who stand to gain power and wealth.

Excluded from the Council are farmers and property owners who will be directly affected by the policies with which they will be forced to comply.

Purpose of the Rural Council is to enforce the policy of Sustainable Development, part of the UN’s Agenda 21 that is now being questioned and eliminated in communities across the nation.

For individual Americans, the enforcement of Sustainable Development through this Executive Order means higher energy and food prices, control of water usage, destruction of private property, control of families, a top-down managed economy over every inch of land, every business activity, the curriculum in every school and even the information that can be conveyed over the public airways.

Our nation’s feeble economy cannot sustain the cost of this program. Our precious liberties cannot survive it. Our Constitution demands that the House of Representatives take immediate action to stop the enforcement of Executive Oder # 13575.

I the undersigned American citizen demand that you take action to stop Executive Order # 13575.

To sign go to


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