Good News about the Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan!

On July 25 the Kerr County Commissioners passed the Resolution for Kerr County to be removed from the Permit Plan Area for the Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan. This is a great victory for Kerr County and we owe our thanks to Dan and Margaret Byfield, American Stewards of Liberty, and Charly Seale, Executive Director of the Exotic Wildlife Association. They have done a tremendous amount of work to defeat this plan and our deepest gratitude goes to these folks. We also thank the Exotic Wildlife Association Board Members for all of their support. Bandera, Blanco and Kendall County have all passed same resolutions.


As we hear, Bexar is going to either drop the plan or rework their application all together. Charly Seale said that Kirby Brown and Jonathan Letz, co-chair of the SEP-HCP CAC, both voted against the plan in their CAC meeting. What a change since the two co-chairs during those torturous meetings were pushing this plan on everybody. I can tell you one thing for sure they have really felt the heat in more ways than one. We see the results of hard work where this plan has all come together. We the People still make a difference. Don’t let anyone else make you think differently!

Of course, a word of caution: these bureaucracies have more than one life, like cats. We will keep monitoring the situation, ready to re-engage in this fight, should a new life be given to the SEP-HCP.



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