It is a small world, isn’t it?

While the frenzy over U.S. and NATO intervention in Libya roars more than ever, and countries intrude in the business of others, the sovereignty of the United States of America over our own laws, costumes, and administration is under attack.

In a very short article on the Wall Street Journal on April 15, 2011, we read that Denmark is asking companies not to sell a sedative to the U.S.,  and England is even banning companies from exporting to our Country drugs that are used for capital punishment. Denmark is asking the U.S. not to use its sedative. Also Germany is considering such a ban. In a letter to the pharmaceutical companies, German Health Minister Philipp Roesler had asked that wholesalers not supply the US sodium thiopental or any other drug that could be used for executions. The German Medical Association told The Associated Press that the nation’s doctors were standing behind Roesler’s request. The  interference in commerce and against the free market is a very alarming signal that the world is becoming a humongous Babel where everybody needs to conform to others to the peril of their own individuality, free market, and free will. Regardless if you are pro or against capital punishment, the debate must take place among our citizens, not foreign powers.  The Italian old saying “the world is a worldwide country” is becoming dangerously true. The world is changing, and for freedom loving people is not for the best. This simple and short article must warn us even more of the dangers to count on others to produce our goods, and to be dependent on other nations.


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