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Join the Fight Against Abusive Eminent Domain

Join Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Todd Staples in the war against abusive eminent domain. Visit and sign the online petition. Commissioner Staples, in his own words, states that: “The legislature needs to complete eminent domain reform by passing additional … Continue reading

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The EPA Ruling on … Dust??

The American Lung Association would like counties to pave roads and farmers to use no-till methods to grow their crops. In other words, a group who knows nothing about agriculture is telling agricultural producers how to cultivate and raise livestock. A representative for the Lung Assoc., Janice Nolen, dismisses the worries of farmers and ranchers by saying that they are alike the concerns of other industries when they faced EPA new regulations. And she adds “we have seen time and again where they were able to figure out a solution.” And at what a price lady? Continue reading

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Texas Water Wars Update

T. Boone Pickens filed a petition to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to require one desired future condition (DFC) for the Texas Panhandle and to dissolve the groundwater districts there. Continue reading

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Whisky Is For Drinking, Water Is For Fighting: Groundwater Wars, Texas Style

Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting is the old saying in Texas. And it has never been proven so right as today.

Water is, after oxygen, the most vital resource we need to drink, raise livestock, grow food, allow industries to thrives, influence the weather.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, the water supply of earth is made of 97.2% salt water, 2.8% of fresh water, 0.6% of ground water, 0.01% of lakes and streams, 2.2% of glaciers and icecaps, and of 0.001% water vapor. The limit amount available of fresh water makes it a most desired and coveted commodity.

Internet has plenty of information about groundwater issues in each of our fifty states. I will give a look into the groundwater ownership in Texas not so much because I live here, but because it seems the experts indicate that the eyes of the nation are focused on us. Hopefully, our readers can relate to our situation regardless of where they live. By all means, this issue is too vast and complex to be wholly covered here, but I hope to give you a glimpse onto this vital private property right fight. Continue reading

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The importance of redistricting: the power of future legislative battles is in our hands

My deep gratitude goes to former Texas House Speaker Gib Lewis for his input and encouragement on this article.

When I got involved in legislative matters I tried to escape as fast and as far as I could from everything that regarded redistricting. It looks very complicated, boring, and far from our priorities. I could not be more wrong.

Redistricting is vital in the way it makes chips fall on the table and give chances to win or lose our private property battles the future. It has been an eye opening to me learning about the history and consequences of this process, and how it helped shape our world and the current situation of our Great Country. And the more we know about our history and legislative process, the better we can fight back socialist political correctness and win back common sense and our traditional values. Our Founding Fathers created a system based on local control, and we the voters still hold the keys to it. Continue reading

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